George Watts & Son Inc.: Redesigned shopping experience makes room for new high-end tenant at Watts Building

George Watts & Son Showroom Moves to First Floor While Boutique Law Firm Moves in on Second

Milwaukee, September 13, 2013 — George Watts & Son, Inc. announced today that the luxury gift retailer will create a more efficient onsite shopping experience by relocating its second floor showroom to the building’s first floor in combination with the shop’s retail space. The move makes room for the Walny Legal Group, a boutique law firm that provides estate planning and asset protection services. Similar to Watts and the building’s two other tenants the law firm caters to a higher net worth market segment.

Walny Legal Group’s 2,500 square-feet of office space will be located on the second floor across from the famed Watts Tea Shop while Zita Bridal Salon and the DeLind Gallery of Fine Art are on the building’s first floor. The law firm is the third new tenant to move into the Italian Renaissance-style building at the corner of Jefferson and Mason since 2009. That’s when fifth generation Watts family member Sam Watts assumed leadership of the family business and began to evolve both the iconic retailer’s onsite and online shopping experience. Watts’ online business has increased 60 percent during the past four years while the retailer has invested more than $250,000 into upgrades at its physical location.

“We’re making it easier for our shoppers who still prefer a personalized shopping experience to see and choose products from our collections,” said Sam Watts, president and CEO. “At the same time, we’re increasingly creating a higher net worth retail, hospitality and service destination that benefits our customers as well all of the businesses in this building and the surrounding neighborhood.”

Walny Legal Group, founded in 2011, serves a local as well as national clientele. Principal Eido Walny has been recognized with numerous legal and professional awards and designations. His firm’s suite will include seven offices, 3 conference rooms and feature furniture custom-made for a top shelf client experience. The firm expects to move from its Fox Point location into the Watts building in October.

“A downtown location near some of Milwaukee’s finest hotels, shopping, dining and art brings a unique and added convenience for our clients,” Walny said.

Watts added, “While we continue take a forward thinking approach to our building and shopping experience, in many ways our evolution reminds me of our family’s past. When my great-great-grandfather first opened this building, George Watts and Son shared space with some of Milwaukee’s most prestigious businesses and entrepreneurs. We’ve come full circle.”