Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corp.: Adopts core values and new mission statement

Contact: Steve R. Jenkins, FCEDC President, 920.929.2063 or [email protected]

The Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation’s Board of Directors has adopted organizational core values and a new mission statement. The core values are the behavioral foundations that will drive the FCEDC Board and Staff in the development and implementation of its programs and initiatives. The new mission statement is intended to clearly communicate exactly what the FCEDC does and what it will be accountable to the County, its communities, and residents to address and accomplish.

The FCEDC Core Values are:

Servant Leadership – Placing first the economic well-being of Fond du Lac County residents.

Collaboration – Encouraging, engaging and participating with both public and private entities to deliver optimal outcomes.

Accountability – Delivering on our responsibilities and commitments through diligent stewardship of the resources provided.

Integrity – Performing functions at the highest levels of fairness, honesty, respect and ethical behavior that builds and sustains trusting relationships.

Innovation – Pursuing bold creativity and adaptability in delivering our programs, projects, initiatives and daily activities to produce results that have positive and sustainable impacts.

“Every organization must have emotional guidance and behaviors that keep it focus on doing what those factors that build respect and honor,” according to Dan Vande Zande, 2013 Chair of the FCEDC. “The FCEDC Core Values provide that frame work as we strive to serve the County and residents in ways that create substantial results.”

The new FCEDC Mission Statement is:

Aggressively pursue, promote and facilitate economic opportunities and growth for Fond du Lac County through the attraction, retention, expansion and development of jobs and investments that increase the standard of living for all communities and residents.

“Many mission statements are vague and never clearly state what an organization does and is to be accountable for achieving. As a result, those the organization serves cannot judge success or failure,” noted Steve Jenkins, FCEDC President. “This new mission statement clearly tells the community what we are to be accountable for achieving.”

FCEDC offers services to existing business and business start-ups within their service region. They also provide services to businesses considering an expansion project or to locate to Fond du Lac County. For more information about FCEDC and its services, please visit