Fond du Lac Co. Economic Development Corporation: Fond du Lac, WI MSA ranks high in real gross metropolitan product

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Fond du Lac, WI MSA Ranks High in Real Gross Metropolitan Product

The United States Conference of Mayors in cooperation with HIS Global Insight released in November a report on the metropolitan economies in the United States. The economies were measured in the growth of real gross metropolitan product (GMP) or the value of all goods and services produced annually in each metropolitan area (MSA).

The Fond du Lac MSA (County) ranked 34th nationally out of 363 MSAs measured for real GMP growth since 2011. The next nearest Wisconsin MSA to Fond du Lac was Oshkosh-Neenah ranked at 58th. Putting this is a different perspective, the Fond du Lac County economy ranked higher than 37 other countries in the world.

“This is a great indicator that the Fond du Lac economy is strong and growing”, said Steve Jenkins, president of the Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation (FCEDC). “The FCEDC has worked very hard to facilitate an economy that will provide opportunities for the County’s residents and communities”.

Over the past seven years, the FCEDC has facilitated the creation of 2,832 new primary jobs, retention of 1,950 primary jobs (4,782 total) and $464 million in new capital investment. These jobs have created or retained $235 million in direct payroll and generated $2.2 billion in total economic output for Fond du Lac County! (Impact DataSource, 2013). This output in turn generated $179 million in retail sales.
Over the same seven year period, the public and private investment in the FCEDC has been $1,882,059. Considering this investment; the cost per job created or retained is $393; the ROI on capital investment is 247:1; the ROI on direct payroll created and retained is 125:1; the ROI on total economic output is 1,169:1; and the ROI on retail sales is 95:1. This has been a great return on the community’s investment in the FCEDC.

“The Conference of Mayors’ report is a strong indication that things are moving with the local economy but we also must not be complacent”, Jenkins further stated. “We are witnessing dynamic shifts in both the national and global economies that will require the FCEDC and its partners to work even harder in the coming years to assure success.”

The mission of Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation is to aggressively pursue, promote and facilitate economic opportunities and growth for Fond du Lac County
through the attraction, retention, expansion and development of jobs and investments that
increase the standard of living for all communities and residents.

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