EconomicsWisconsin: Receives $2,500 AT&T Innovation Award to support fall seminars

Series to Introduce Opinion Leaders to Principles of Economics and Personal Finance

MILWAUKEE — AT&T Wisconsin announced today that EconomicsWisconsin has received a $2,500 AT&T Innovation & Investment Award to support the Economics for Opinion Leaders seminar series being held this fall in Milwaukee.

The goal is to present a series of seminars on economics to Wisconsin opinion leaders, including journalists, teachers, clergy, non-profit managers, elected officials and business leaders.

“Our intention is that, after attending these seminars, Wisconsin’s opinion leaders will walk away with an enhanced understanding of the key concepts of economics behind the important issues they have to address and discuss with their respective stakeholders,” said Enrique Bacalao, president and chief executive officer of EconomicsWisconsin. “We are grateful for the support of AT&T in helping us reach over 100 opinion leaders through these seminars.”

The series will introduce Wisconsin opinion leaders to the economic way of thinking, which stresses choices, costs, incentives, rules of the economic system, trade, and gains from trade. The seminars will feature energetic presentations, clear examples and interactive simulations on voluntary trade, the role of property rights, and the laws of supply and demand.

EconomicsWisconsin began its program in 1963 with the goal of helping teachers gain competence and confidence teaching economics. The non-profit, non-partisan organization has a reputation of presenting teachers with training that stresses mainstream, widely agreed-upon, concepts and principles of economics and personal finance. They have now expanded their efforts to reach opinion leaders in the state, who often need to explain economic decisions that have to be taken.

“EconomicsWisconsin is a great organization that provides teachers with training on how to educate students on the principles of economics,” said State Rep. Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield). “These seminars are an excellent way to expand that education to include Wisconsin opinion leaders.”

The AT&T Wisconsin Innovation & Investment Award program provides funding to organizations and programs that improve the community by: advancing education, enhancing the environment, promoting economic development, or delivering other community services. This is the second year of the new program that supports local organizations that enhance and give back to their communities.

For more information, contact:

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