Discover Whitewater Series: Course maps released

Contact: Traci Wilson, Marketing Coordinator
[email protected]

Whitewater, Wis. – The Greater Whitewater Committee (GWC), will debut their inaugural Discover
Whitewater Series on Sep. 22, 2013. The series will feature a Half Marathon, Half Marathon Relay, 5k
and Fit Kid Shuffle through scenic and tranquil Whitewater. The course maps for all racing events have
now been released and are available to view on the website.

The Half Marathon and Half Marathon Relay will feature beautiful destinations throughout all of
Whitewater. The just over 13 mile journey will commence at 8 a.m. on race day at Whitewater High
School and Aquatic Center. The course will then take you through the friendly neighborhood setting of
Whitewater on your way to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Once there, you will travel through
the heart of campus on your way to the Warhawk athletic complexes and Perkins Stadium. It will then
travel through Fairhaven’s Prairie Village, back to the new Starin Road and through the Whitewater
Industrial Park and Whitewater University Technology Park. The final leg of the race will take you
through the south-eastern section of the city and end where it began, the Whitewater High
School/Aquatic Center. Both the Half Marathon and 5K have been certified by the USATF.

The 5K, although a much shorter journey, will still offer participants a great opportunity to discover what
Whitewater has to offer. At 8:15 a.m. this race will begin near the Whitewater High School/Aquatic
Center and take runners through residential Whitewater along with beautiful downtown Whitewater.
For all races there will be one pre-race hydration station for race participants. The Half Marathon
features 10 hydration stations plus 6 aid stations throughout the course. Hydration and aid stations are
also positioned throughout the 5K and Fit Kid Shuffle routes. Toilets will be available at both the start
and finish and also along the race course. Free parking will also be offered to both runners and
spectators. More specific details about the course maps and features will be found on our website.

Registration is still open for all events by visiting our website Proceeds from the
series will go to five local organizations to assist them in building a stronger Whitewater. Those
organizations are Whitewater Unified School District, Bethel House, UWW Athletics, W3 (wellness
organization) and the Whitewater Aquatic Center.

To view course maps, or for any other inquiries regarding sponsorship of the event, participation or
volunteering, visit or contact Stacey Kincaid or Melissa Sebastian, Race Directors or
Traci Wilson, Marketing Coordinator at 920-397-0601 or [email protected]