Dean Group Media: Does explaining your business keep you up at night?

How good are you at explaining your business? It’s a tough job that can keep you up at night. Most of us passionately pour in every detail, which clouds the overall message. It’s even tougher on our websites, where brevity is critical. You have just moments to capture interest.

“Explainer” videos can that job for you, while increasing your website’s “stickiness” and conversion rates.

What they are…

Explainer videos are short, concise messages. A well-made explainer video will work for anyone or anything needing to explain a business, product, service, concept or cause….

Great explainer videos….

* Are brief, 1-3 minutes.

* Are to the point. They don’t make the viewer work to understand what’s going on.

* Are entertaining. They hold attention.

* Make it easy for others to learn about your business.

* Include enough explanation to whet the appetite for more information.

Where do I get one? That’s where Story Vision Video comes in. Our explainer videos capture attention, are easy to understand, are memorable and motivating.

And isn’t that the very best kind of story you can tell?

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Story Vision Video™ animated video for business is extremely effective at capturing attention and explaining what you do. Story Vision Video™ keeps your message simple, focusing on its essence. Story Vision Video™ is informative, memorable and motivating, instilling viewers with the desire to learn more about you and do business with you.