Dane County Farmers’ Market: ‘Simple and Delicious’ recipes spread Farmers’ Market mainstream appeal

Contact: Larry Johnson, Market Manager
Author: Natalie Porter with Bill Lubing
Phone: 608-455-1999
email: [email protected]
Recipes and images upon request

Area chefs and inspired “foodies” create delicious dishes using fresh, local, ingredients from the Dane County Farmers’ Market (DCFM).

Yet, what about people whose budgets or schedules prevent them from enjoying a restaurant meal? Or, if your ‘kitchen’ consists of a microwave, a few dishes, and a beat up cutting board, is it even possible to create a tasty meal from farmers’ market ingredients?
The new “Simple and Delicious” series of recipes from the DCFM are prepared using a microwave and a few dishes.

“For students living in dorms, people whose living arrangement doesn’t include a kitchen, even those whose workplace has a break area, these recipes are quick, simple, and delicious,” says Natalie Porter, DCFM Social Media Marketing Intern.

She explains that each week the market publishes a “Simple and Delicious” recipe on DCFM social media. This includes:

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“Our goal is to show people that you don’t need a fancy kitchen or sophisticated culinary skills to prepare good food,” Porter continues. “These recipes are for those people who don’t have a full kitchen; for example students in the dorms or families with a limited income. Most of the recipes can even be prepared in an office break room.

“What we’re showing is that tasty, nutritious food can be simply and easily prepared,” she says. Porter notes that several recipes have already been published, including corn on the cob, brats, and sausage, chips, and broccoli and cauliflower.

“We recently published recipes showing you how to make chips from kale, potatoes, and sweet potatoes,” says Porter. “The ingredients can be purchased inexpensively at the market. Since you’re making them, you can use a number of different seasonings, most available at the market. Customize the potatoes by selecting white, red, blue, or purple ones. Try finding those in the grocery store!”

Published on Friday, all of the recipes are seasonal, so that ingredients can be found at that Saturday’s DCFM. The sophistication of the recipes will increase as the series continues. Vegetables and meats will be covered so that readers will easily be able to prepare complete meals using a minimum complement of equipment.

Larry Johnson, DCFM Market Manager, notes, “A person can get good food at a grocery store. A producer-only farmers’ market, such as the DCFM, provides the added benefit of a personal relationship with the producer. By talking with the producers you get to know the people and their stories.” You can ask how the food was produced and how to use it.

“Plus, the DCFM is a year-round market offering locally grown ingredients that are sold by the farmer or producer. Since all of the producers are from Wisconsin, the market supports local family farms, small businesses, and communities,” he concludes.