Cresa Madison: Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault finds new home in Madison

CONTACT: Patrick Lonergan, Business Manager
Cresa Madison
[email protected]

Madison, Wis., – November 20, 2013 – Cresa Madison represented the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault (WACASA) in a lease transaction for a relocation of their Madison office space. WACASA’s relocation will move them from their current location at 600 Williamson St. to 2801 W. Beltline Highway. WCASA will move into their new office space in December 2013.

“This location will better serve those affected by sexual assault”, stated Cresa Managing Principal, TJ Blitz. “With better access, visibility and parking comes a warmer and more secure environment in which to serve our community.”

WCASA is a membership agency comprised of organizations and individuals working to end sexual violence in Wisconsin. Among these are 49 sexual assault service provider agencies throughout the state that offer support, advocacy and information to victims of sexual assault and their families. WCASA also works to create the social change necessary to ensure a future where no child, woman or man is ever sexually violated again.

Pennie Meyers, Executive Director of WCASA states “Without Cresa’s assistance we would not have found this great location at such a competitive price. Due to the nature of our business and the fact that we rely heavily on federal funds we were under strict budgetary restraints. This new location will enable us to continue our mission without over-spending on our occupancy costs. Instead, those monies can go directly to the cause of fighting sexual assault.”

Cresa Madison was engaged by WCASA to assist them in identifying and securing a relocation option that could serve as
the company’s headquarters and enable them continue to provide support for those victimized by sexual assault.