CRAM Worldwide, TASCET: Partner to create a data security platform with impenetrable barriers

Partnership Highlights Technology Innovations that Provide End-to-End Digital Security

WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn. and MADISON, Wis. – May 7, 2013 – CRAM Worldwide and TASCET today announced a partnership that makes available the first all-digital, end-to-end data security solution requiring a digital identity for access.

This partnership allows CRAM to provide businesses in any market with the most secure data storage delivery system available. The new solution combines CRAM’s digital delivery platform that secures and transports data online and offline, BreachBlocker™ and Vault™ respectively, and TASCET’s Identity Infrastructure™, a digital identity platform that provides the highest level of identity confirmation using SuperID™.

The need for a new solution is evident from recent news coverage of breaches affecting the most respected high-profile companies such as LinkedIn, Apple, Google and the FBI, proving the cloud is not secure. According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, since 2005, roughly 3,608 known data breaches in the U.S. have compromised more than 608 million records containing sensitive personal information, with 12 percent attributed to a company insider.

“Our goal is to create security overkill,” said Daren Klum, CEO of CRAM. “Despite the convenience of the cloud, the fact remains that if you can touch it, you can take it. This partnership brings together two digital technologies, identification and data storage delivery, which will change the way companies do business.”

CRAM’s BreachBlocker is a software application that can load onto any device to provide an online data delivery and backup system. It combines proprietary BitBurst™ data-division technology that splits the data into encrypted pieces, which is stored in a Multi-Cloud™ network.

Vault is CRAM’s offline data delivery service and world-class device that incorporates Full Disk Encryption (FDE)/Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with patent-pending device intrusion detection. Whether online or offline, CRAM’s software assembles the sliced data and TASCET’s identification and confirmations services will ensure only authorized users can access the data.

TASCET’s Identity Infrastructure is the country’s first real-time, multi-industry digital identity platform. The Infrastructure utilizes proprietary software and activation processes to digitally identify individuals. The result is an industry-specific ICONN™ (Identity Confirmation Number™) for businesses and a SuperID for the individual.

SuperID is a permission-based, multi-factor digital representation of an individual’s identity. Through this partnership, the SuperID is used to confirm the identity of a company employee (authorized user) in real time when accessing data.

“This partnership is a prime example of how two companies that solve fundamental flaws in their respective industries can come together and provide an end-to-end solution that is business-critical,” said Larry Aubol, CEO of TASCET. “Data, whether in transit or at rest, is going to be secured, stored and accessed using the most stringent security measures available.”

CRAM Worldwide has developed a revolutionary digital security solution for the secure delivery (online and offline) and high-capacity encrypted storage of data. Headquartered in White Bear Lake, Minn., CRAM provides a portable content device and security application to entertainment content publishers, educational institutions, government agencies, medical and healthcare companies. To learn more about CRAM visit, read the blog at or follow on Twitter @CRAMWorldwide.

TASCET ( provides governance, regulatory and compliance (GRC) services to clients in the financial, healthcare, cyber, academic, government and travel industries. Based in Madison, Wis., TASCET created the Identity Infrastructure™, the first multi-industry digital identity platform combining two architectures – identification and privacy. The Infrastructure enables our clients to establish governance protocols, regulatory response procedures and compliance solutions that specifically address challenges associated with the identity of the consumers they serve. Follow us on Twitter @TASCET and read our blog at

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