Cellular Dynamics International: Receives formal Notice of Grant Award (NGA) for $16 million stem cell banking project

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NGA Signifies Entry Into a Definitive Agreement and
Initiation of Funding

MADISON, Wis., Nov. 4, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cellular Dynamics
International (CDI) (Nasdaq:ICEL) announced today that the company has
received the Notice of Grant Award (NGA) from the California Institute
of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) to create a human induced pluripotent
stem cell (iPSC) biobank from 3,000 individuals. Receipt of the NGA
signifies the entry into a definitive agreement with CIRM and the
initiation of funding for the $16 million project.

CDI will create three iPSC lines for each of 3,000 healthy and diseased
donors. Tissue samples will be taken from patients suffering from
Alzheimer’s disease, autism spectrum disorders, liver diseases,
cardiovascular diseases, neuro-developmental disabilities such as
cerebral palsy and infantile epilepsy, diseases of the eye, and/or
respiratory diseases. CDI will generate the iPSCs using the episomal
reprogramming method first developed by CDI, which reverts the adult
cell to a stem cell state without integrating foreign DNA into the
cell’s genome. Thus the original biological integrity of the cell is
maintained, an important consideration in the study of human disease.

“We are delighted to formally begin this important three-year project.
We believe CIRM is building the largest iPSC bank in the world,” said
Bob Palay, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CDI. “Since CIRM
announced the $16 million grant award, we have been constructing our
laboratory and iPSC manufacturing facilities in leased space at the
Buck Institute for Research on Aging as well as staffing this facility.
We now look forward to the start of the project where we’ll begin to
receive samples and produce the iPSC lines.”

Ellen Feigal, MD, Senior Vice President, Research and Development of
CIRM, added, “CIRM’s initiative will provide scientists access to cell
lines representing the genetic variety within human diseases such as
Alzheimer’s, heart disease, lung fibrosis and autism to discover the
nature and causes of underlying human diseases in a way not previously
feasible, and accelerate the discovery and development of new
therapies. We look forward to working with CDI in this critical
initiative to provide a broad array of relevant human stem cell
research materials to scientists in California and worldwide in an
effort to revolutionize regenerative medicine research.”

About Cellular Dynamics International, Inc.

Cellular Dynamics International, Inc. (CDI) is a leading developer of
induced pluripotent stem cell technologies for in vitro drug
development, stem cell banking and in vivo cellular therapeutic
research. CDI harnesses its unique manufacturing technology to produce
differentiated tissue cells in industrial quality, quantity and purity
from any individual’s induced pluripotent stem cell line created from a
standard blood draw. CDI was founded in 2004 by Dr. James Thomson, a
pioneer in human pluripotent stem cell research at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison. CDI’s facilities are located in Madison, Wisconsin,
with a second facility in Novato, California. See
www.cellulardynamics.com. Follow us on Twitter @CellDynamics or

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