Business Marketing Association, Milwaukee Chapter: Go with the flow — rebranding and repositioning a global water technology leader

Jessica Lueck, Communications Chair

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, January 2, 2013— How do you rebrand a global water technology company in 365 days or less? The devil is in the details. See the transformation of the ITT water technologies business units and product brands into the cohesive $4 Billion water technology leader Xylem. Get the inside view on how to motivate an organization and engage all levels of stakeholders to evolve around value proposition and become the market leader. During our seminar agency partners led by Donna Lutter, Marketing Manager, Xylem Residential and Commercial Waterwill cover the key components of building a rebranding roadmap, strategic and tactical considerations, and what organizational structure and team roles are needed for success.

BMA-Milwaukee will be hosting this Seminar and Keynote on Thursday, January 10th starting at 5:00 PM.

“As one of this country’s leading strategists and scenario planners, Monica Levy, VP of Global Communications at Xylem RCW has facilitated strategic conversations in not only the U.S. and also abroad. Her insights into engaging stakeholders and rebranding have not only set the standard for her industry, but have also laid the framework for future organizational successes” said BMA President Siobhan Marks.

The event will be held at the new Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Milwaukee. The hotel located at 611 North Broadway in Milwaukee has just undergone an extensive renovation that has integrated state of the art facilities with the historic preservation of this architectural gem. Register for the event online at

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