Wisconsin Bio Industry Alliance: EPA’s four-gallon minimum rule to have little effect on Wisconsin consumers

Contact: Joshua Morby 414.791.9120

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced four-gallon minimum rule when purchasing gas from an E-15 blender pump is likely to have little effect on Wisconsin consumers.

“E15 is only available at a handful of pumps in Wisconsin, and the majority of those only dispense E15 and are not blender pumps,” says Josh Morby, executive director of the Wisconsin Bio Industry Alliance.

The EPA’s recent mandate requires consumers to purchase a minimum of four gallons of gas when using a blender pump that dispenses E15 in addition to other ethanol blends. This is to ensure that any residual E15 left in the hose is diluted to the point that it is safe for use in approved engines.

“Ironically, the biggest critics of this requirement come from the small engine industry, which is the group that initially asked for the four-gallon minimum,” says Morby. “This false outcry is a red herring, an attempt to limit choice for consumers at the pump.”

The EPA has approved E15 for use in 2001 model year vehicles and younger. E15 is not approved for use in motorcycles, boats or other small engines, such as lawnmowers or yard equipment.

“What is really needed right now is some basic common sense,” says Morby. “With the number of fueling stations in Wisconsin, residents will always have options and will never be put in a position where they will be forced to purchase a minimum amount of gas.”

The Wisconsin Bio Industry Alliance is a diverse group of businesses, environmental groups, and statewide and local organizations that have come together to build both public and legislative awareness of the Bio Industry in Wisconsin.

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