Wisconsin Bankers Association: FIPCO introduces new software suite for financial institutions

Contact: Eric Skrum, Wisconsin Bankers Association,
608/441-1216 | (c) 608/445-6430 | [email protected]

Madison, WI- FIPCO®, a subsidiary of the Wisconsin Bankers Association (WBA), last week announced the launch of Compliance Concierge™, a new software platform for loan origination and deposit account opening that will help financial institutions more easily comply with state and federal regulations.

“Every bank faces challenges due to increasing regulations placed on the financial services industry. Adapting to new, frequently amended and re-interpreted regulations requires banks to take prompt action,” said WBA President/CEO Rose Oswald Poels. “Compliance Concierge will be a great asset to Wisconsin banks in addressing these compliance issues with greater speed, consistency and confidence.”

“Customers will have greater input on how they use the system because we can improve the software more quickly and adapt to their suggestions now that we are stakeholders,” said FIPCO President Pam Kelly. “This is a major step in helping banks be more efficient so they can focus on their customers.”

Even as it adapts and expands its services, FIPCO remains grounded in its foundation of customer service and support for the banking industry. “Our goal has always been and will always be to serve our customers and provide tools they need to be successful,” said Kelly.

More information can be found at http://www.fipco.com/concierge.

FIPCO®, a 25-year-old wholly owned subsidiary of the Wisconsin Bankers Association headquartered in Madison, WI., helps financial institutions operate more efficiently and profitably through the development, marketing and support of user-friendly business platforms, especially tools that help customers comply with complex state and federal regulations. These products, in turn, help FIPCO® clients provide exceptional service to their own customers, creating trust, loyalty and confidence.