Wisconsin Bankers Association: Consumer alert: Potential scams target shoppers

November 19, 2012

For more information, contact:

Eric Skrum, Wisconsin Bankers Association, 608/441-1216,
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Twitter: @wisbank

Wisconsin Bankers Association advises consumers to be cautious
(MADISON) – Scams designed to scare consumers into giving up personal data and bank account information happen year round, but consumers should be especially vigilant during peak shopping seasons. With Black Friday approaching, the Wisconsin Bankers Association reminds consumers to be prepared for the increased possibility that they will be targeted.

One of the most common scams phishing for sensitive information involves the consumer receiving an email, phone call or SMS message informing them that their credit card or bank account has been frozen due to suspicious activity. The message then instructs the consumer to unfreeze the card or account by providing sensitive information such as PIN numbers to an 800 number or false bank email address.

An educated, cautious consumer is the best defense against any scam. “No bank will ever request a customer to verify personal information over the phone or email,” said Rose Oswald Poels, WBA president and CEO. “If you receive a notification about your account, call your bank directly using the phone number on your card or visit an ATM to check your balance. Mobile banking apps also allow consumers to check their accounts quickly and securely.”