WisBusiness: Head of mining group predicts turnaround for mining bill this week

Former mining equipment exec Tim Sullivan, chair of the Wisconsin Mining Association, said the mining bill is in “serious trouble” in the state Senate but predicted it would turn around this week.

Sullivan, former head of Bucyrus until it was sold, said he was optimistic the Legislature will pass a mining bill by the end of the session despite Sen. Dale Schultz’s opposition to the Assembly version and a proposal from the Joint Finance Committee co-chairs. Sullivan talked about the bill on this weekend’s “UpFront with Mike Gousha.”

Sullivan said he understands Schultz’s concerns,but said the Legislature needs to come up with a compromise soon before investors leave the state and go elsewhere.

“We don’t have a good reputation on being able to effectively deal with mining investment and this is the time, this is the hour that somebody’s got to step up and be counted,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan also said he’s disappointed the mining legislation hasn’t received any support from the Democrats.

“It should never, ever be about politics when we’re talking about people’s livelihoods and new jobs in the state of Wisconsin,” Sullivan said.