UpFront: Walker looks to lower income taxes

Gov. Scott Walker says he wants to lower state income taxes and that he sees no reason for a special session on jobs, as Democrats have called for.

“If you put more money back into the hands of entrepreneurs and consumer, ultimately they recycle it back into the economy and it creates more revenue,” he said on Sunday’s “UpFront with Mike Gousha,” produced in conjunction with WisPolitics.com .

Walker also plans to focus on investment capital to help companies starting out and business in the private sector.

“With or without overall reform, we will find a way to lower the tax burden,” he said. “This is one of the most dynamic ways not only to attract, but to grow business, particularly small businesses.”

As to Democrats’ calls for a special session of the Legislature, he said: “I don’t think the people of this state want me to call a special session and have two weeks of [legislators] fighting.” He added the state can do a lot without changes to laws, such as reining in regulations.

Walker said while the state has seen some companies increase jobs following the recall, uncertainty about the effect of federal health care reform and whether it will stay in place is holding back job growth.

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