Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin: Highlights the importance of transportation to farming

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Madison, WI – The Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin (TDA) has released the second installment in its series, the Big 10 Transportation Truths. The latest transportation truth is entitled Why Transportation Matters: More than 77,000 Wisconsin Farms.

Farms are dotted across Wisconsin’s landscape. Connecting these farms and every county seat, town and city is a large network of county highways and local roads. These roads provide an efficient way for farmers to get product to market or to the next leg of the journey by rail, water or Interstate. But these roads also connect rural and urban Wisconsin, allowing us to have to best of both worlds.

This second Truth provides farming facts and figures and other key economic information that helps put in perspective just how vital transportation is to this particular industry.

TDA developed this series to explain in a quick and fun way why transportation matters in our state. TDA’s inaugural Big 10 Transportation Truth was Because there is no point in making it if you can’t move it. Future issues will break down transportation funding, depict the relationship between transportation investment and safety, and highlight how transportation is a key to remaining competitive.

About TDA

From the buses in Racine to the Port of Green Bay to the rail lines in Superior to the Waukesha County Airport to the roads we use every day, Wisconsin’s transportation network is the key to connecting goods to market and people to jobs.

Founded in 1971, the Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin promotes the vitality and safety of the state’s transportation system, including public transit systems, public-use and general aviation airports, railroads, commercial ports, and roads. TDA’s members comprise business, labor, units of government, regional planning organizations, as well as individuals. and Twitter handle @TDAWisconsin.