Thrive: Now Online: Regional edition of site selection tool

Thrive is pleased to announce that we recently launched a regional edition of the statewide site selection tool Locate In Wisconsin on our website.

Through funding from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), this web-based search engine provides businesses looking to expand or locate in the Madison Region with detailed information about the available sites, buildings, and communities in our eight-county region.

Economic development professionals, chamber executives, and real estate brokers may list available properties on the Locate In Wisconsin tool. To obtain access, please contact Graham Callis at WEDC (608.210.6837 or [email protected]). A statewide version of this tool is available on the WEDC website. (Please note that sites entered into Property Drive also feed Locate In Wisconsin.)

We look forward to promoting Locate in Wisconsin to interested businesses and site selectors, and encourage you to do the same.