Senior Helpers: Summer travels take seniors on the road

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Family Vacation Tips When Traveling with Seniors

(Madison, WI – July 2012) With kids out of school and gas prices dropping this summer, the allure of the open highway is a draw to many families for their summer plans. Traveling to the beach or to visit relatives may be a tradition for those who plan their summer fun behind the wheel. With families taking an average of 4.5 trips each year, to many it is important they include everyone – especially Grandma and Grandpa on their adventures.

That’s why Senior Helpers of Madison, one of the leading in-home providers of senior care in Madison, is raising awareness about how families can keep their beloved seniors comfortable and safe while taking vacations this summer.

“Traveling with seniors is always fun, but it can sometimes be a challenge if families are not prepared. It’s always important to plan ahead to make the trip as smooth as possible,” says Dennis Fleischer, owner of Senior Helpers of Madison. “Families should make sure they talk with their senior’s medical professional to see if the senior has the clearance to travel and the proper medical supplies to be ready for their time away. Our caregivers can help seniors and their families organize their medical information and make sure everything is safely packed. Families should not be afraid to ask for help – our staff is prepared to assist so summer trips are a success for everyone.”

Tips for Traveling with Seniors:

• Take Extra Time – When driving long distances, it is crucial to allow for extra time for frequent breaks so seniors can stretch and walk to avoid leg fatigue. When flying, plan ahead for cart transportation or longer connection times.
o Coronary heart disease, obesity and sitting still for extended periods of time are known risk factors for the development of blood clots in the veins of the legs.

• Hotel Accommodations – Depending on your seniors’ needs, request a room or facility that is senior accessible. A first floor room, wheelchair friendly access, or an adjoining room may be easier for seniors who have disabilities.

• Eat and Drink Well – It is important to keep seniors hydrated, especially when flying, and to eat regular meals to keep them feeling alert and energized.

• Ask Their Physician – Talk with your senior’s doctor to see what medication and supplies will be needed for travel to ensure better care for any emergencies. If traveling overseas, there may be certain vaccinations required before you leave. Remember to bring their insurance and prescription cards in case they need to see a doctor during the trip.
o Locate the nearest medical facilities to your location destination, just in case an emergency arises.

• Pack Enough Medication/s – Remember to pack plenty of regular medication to last the entire trip. A seniors’ doctor may not be able to prescribe medication in other states over the phone – and overseas locations may not carry the same medication.