Rayovac: Among featured “Wisconsin’s Own” products at Walmart


Christine McCoy

[email protected]rayovac.com

New in-store program praises products made in Wisconsin

MADISON, Wisconsin, January 25, 2012 – Finding and buying Made in Wisconsin products, like Rayovac Batteries, is now possible thanks to a new program hitting Walmart stores this week. Named “Wisconsin’s Own”, the effort showcases products produced in the state of Wisconsin.

The yearlong program will identify participating Wisconsin-produced products to customers through shelf tags and display signage. Demonstrating Walmart’s support for nearly 75,000 supplier jobs in the state, more than 100 brands and companies will be featured in the store’s displays.

Rayovac has been headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin for more than 100 years, with plants today in Portage and Fennimore, where Rayovac hearing aid and alkaline batteries are produced.

“Rayovac is proud to participate in this program with Wisconsin Walmart stores and to support Wisconsin’s economy,” said David Carlson, Director of Marketing Communications for Rayovac. “We’re thrilled that Walmart is encouraging its customers to buy Wisconsin’s Own.”

To buy Wisconsin-made items, look in participating Walmart stores for product shelf tags and end cap signs throughout the store, as well as a product display table and posters at store entrances with the “Wisconsin’s Own” logo.

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