PSC: Releases 2012 Water Fact Sheet

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MADISON – Wisconsin’s public water utilities sold 147 billion gallons of water to retail customers in 2011, according to a recently-released 2012 Water Fact Sheet produced by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC). The 2012 Water Fact Sheet reveals Wisconsin communities have access to plentiful and high-quality water supplies.

“Wisconsin water utilities provide a critical service to citizens and businesses across the state,” said PSC Chairperson Phil Montgomery. “The 2012 Water Fact Sheet shows utilities continue making progress towards meeting their water conservation goals while maintaining affordable, high-quality services.”

The 2012 Wisconsin Water Fact Sheet is available at:

Over the past five years, retail sales from water utilities have declined by 4%, while the number of customers has increased by 2.5% to 1.37 million. On average, residential customers used 52,300 gallons of water in 2011, a decrease of 11% from average consumption levels in 2006. The average residential customer in Wisconsin pays $265 per year for water, or about $5.07 per 1,000 gallons.

The 2012 Water Fact Sheet provides other useful water-related information, including the number of water utilities operating in Wisconsin, energy consumption by water utilities, and trends in total water pumped. The PSC compiles the annual Water Fact Sheet using data reported by water utilities for the previous calendar year.

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