Paoli Grocery & Cafe: Holds ‘no charge’ community dinners

November 30, 2012
Contact: Ken Ruegsegger
Phone: 608-845-FOOD (3663)
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Author: Bill Lubing
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Paoli Café
6895 Paoli Road
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This has been a year of tremendous growth for family farmers Ken and Sherrie Ruegsegger. After successfully farming for a number of years the couple opened a small local-foods based grocery store in Paoli, WI. In May of this year they added a café, to form Paoli Café and Grocery, at 6895 Paoli Road. Since opening, the café has been a very popular addition to the grocery.

“We want to give back to our community,” says Ken, who can be found as often waiting tables in the café as working on the Blanchardville area farm. “We especially want to help those who are in need of a solid meal or food to prepare for their family.”

This past Monday Ken and Sherrie held the first of what they hope to make a regular ‘Monday Community Dinner.’ Held at 6:00 PM, “There is no charge for the dinner,” Ken explains. “Families or individuals who are not in need are also welcome to attend. From those we ask for a donation to go towards helping more families in need.”

Ruegsegger Farms and other local farmers donate the majority of the food. Donated funds are accepted from the community. These funds are used for purchasing extra food and recovering additional costs associated with the dinners.

Ken says that volunteer labor is another important contribution that people can make. “We need help in the kitchen to help prepare, cook, serve, and clean up.”

So that Sherrie and Ken can get a good head count, they ask that you let them know if you’d like to attend a dinner and/or volunteer. Simply call the Paoli Grocery & Café at 608-845-FOOD (3663) to let them know you’ll be coming.

“We hope to continue these dinners once a week,” notes Ken. “This will happen each Monday at 6:00 p.m. through at least the rest of the year. Hopefully there will be enough support and interest to continue serving these meals throughout the winter.”

The café is small and relatively modest. The menu showcases the quality grass-fed meats, soy-free eggs, and vegetables free of artificial herbicides that customers have been buying from the Ruegseggers for years. In addition to the store and café, the couple is well known at area farmers’ markets, through the Ruegsegger Farms CSA, and via their web site, which features on-line ordering.

“We have much to give thanks for this holiday season,” says Ken. “We’d like to give back to the community. We’d love it if the community would join us in helping out our neighbors in need.”