Oppermacher.com: Wisconsin e-tailer readies for Cyber Monday

Oppermacher.com employs a variety of marketing strategies

IOLA, Wis. (Nov. 25, 2012) — For American shoppers, Black Friday has become arguably as important as the holiday that immediately precedes it, Thanksgiving. Retailers roll out jaw-dropping sales and promotions in an attempt to push business into the black.

Black Friday makes for great theater, too, as shoppers camp out in freezing conditions to get first dibs on televisions, clothes and other items on their Christmas shopping lists. And then there are the squabbles and outright fistfights between shoppers, which everyone has seen on YouTube.

But what about retailers that have no brick and mortar locations? How do they get in on the post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy?

Cyber Monday.

According to some estimates shoppers will spend more than $2 billion online on Cyber Monday, which has become the online equivalent to Black Friday. Internet retailers employ a variety of strategies to drive sales on one of their biggest days of the year.

Iola apparel company Oppermacher.com scored its first hit in late September with the original Worst Call Ever shirt, which commemorated the controversial ending to the September 24 Packers-Seahawks game. Since then Oppermacher has diversified into other Worst Call Ever shirts — for an Atlanta Braves playoff game, for the Detroit Lions’ Thanksgiving Day game — as well as general Wisconsin-themed shirts.

For Cyber Monday, Oppermacher has rolled shirt prices back to $12.07, their original price and what the company has called “the rightful score” of the game in question.

Oppermacher has promoted its Cyber Monday sales in a variety of ways:

-Email marketing to its list of existing customers, pitching t-shirts as a unique Christmas gift
-Placement on Facebook and Twitter
-Advertising through Google and Facebook
-Optimizing its website for maximum search engine performance for relevant keywords

Oppermacher has high hopes for Cyber Monday. The company’s Black Friday sales were its highest single-day total in November, and they hope to carry that momentum into the new week.

For more information, visit http://www.oppermacher.com. To find out more about Oppermacher’s marketing plans contact Scott Tappa at scott_[email protected] or 715-684-9900 or Joe Opperman at opp_[email protected] or 920-358-3224.

About Oppermacher

We’ve all been at a ballgame, playground, tavern and seen … that shirt. The shirt that makes you chuckle. The shirt that makes you nod at its owner and say “Nice! Where’d you get that?” The shirt that you need to have.

Oppermacher makes those shirts.

The folks at Oppermacher are sports fans first and foremost, so most of their shirts are sports-themed. But they’re also Wisconsin born and bred, so there’s brats, beer and cheese on their shirts too.

Visit http://www.oppermacher.com to check it out.