Montage Talent: Announces new candidate research

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97% of candidates think companies represent themselves as innovative and forward thinking with video interviewing

DELAFIELD, Wis. – Montage Talent, the leading provider of video interviewing solutions, today released new candidate research supporting video interviewing as a significant influence on the candidate experience, candidates’ perception of potential employers, and interest in the job opportunity.

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“Today’s organizations cannot underestimate the importance of having a candidate experience that works for them,” said Melanie Holmes, Vice President of World of Work Solutions at ManpowerGroup. “With video playing more of a role in the hiring process, employers have a golden opportunity to engage candidates in a branded interview experience.” The research reports on candidate feedback collected in Quarters 1 and 2 of 2012. During that time, companies interviewed candidates using Montage Interview for positions ranging from entry level to executive. Every candidate was invited to provide their impressions of their video interviewing experience.

Key Findings:

* 97% of job candidates felt companies using video interviewing represent themselves as innovative and forward-thinking
* 95% say they can better represent themselves with video interviewing
* 93% expressed higher interest in the job for which they were interviewing
* 96% agree video interviewing is easy to use

“The candidate experience and the employer brand it reflects have become important differentiators for every organization,” said Kurt Heikkinen, Montage President and CEO. “Our research demonstrates that video interviewing done right plays a critical role in achieving this differentiation. Montage helps companies bring their culture to life through a branded candidate experience that conveys an authentic and innovative impression of these companies as employers.”

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