MacFarlane Pheasants: All pheasant is not created equal: ask for MacFarlane Pheasant by name

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MacFarlane Pheasants: All pheasant is not created equal: ask for MacFarlane Pheasant by name

Janesville, Wisconsin, June 8, 2012— Sometimes it’s possible to combine farm-fresh quality, convenience, flavor and inspired recipe ideas all in one package. That’s why pheasant-lovers will want to make sure they’re buying all-natural MacFarlane Pheasant. Now available nationwide at Whole Foods Market, this delicately flavored specialty provides the nutrition profile and consistent quality you expect from a gourmet product. If you don’t see it at your grocery store, ask for it by name.

With MacFarlane Pheasant it’s easy to create memorable meals with a minimum of preparation time. Individually wrapped Pheasant Breasts offer meaty portions that can be grilled or featured in your favorite recipes. Pheasant Breast Fillet—Boneless Breast with Wing Drummette is sold in a 7-ounce package and comes ready to use. Pheasant Half—with Breast, Wing and Leg comes in a 12-ounce package. You’ll find appetizing recipes that fit your busy lifestyle on each box of MacFarlane Pheasant.

Globally inspired MacFarlane Pheasant recipe ideas include the rich Pheasant Saltimbocca, a lighter Pheasant and Vegetable Stir-Fry, and the robust Roasted MacFarlane Half Pheasant with Cranberry Chutney.

MacFarlane Pheasants, the largest pheasant farm in North America, has been family-owned and operated since 1929. With complete pasture-to-plate oversight, MacFarlane is able to offer a high-quality gourmet product. The pheasants are fed natural grains and handled humanely. MacFarlane Pheasants’ own cutting and packaging facility assures that whole bird, breast meat, smoked pheasant and other quality pheasant products meet your needs.

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