Local Government Institute of Wis. and the Wis. Center for Performance Excellence: Extreme Government Makeover aims to improve capacity, effectiveness of public sector

Management Expert: Great people, broken systems

Can public sector organizations-such as local, county and state governments, schools and other agencies-perform their vital functions 80 percent faster, at less cost and with better quality?

Management expert Ken Miller, author of We Don’t Make Widgets and Extreme Government Makeover contends the processes of state and local government have become too complicated and inefficient. He believes there is a way to increase organizational capacity to “do more good” and produce radically better results. Miller is coming to the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI on February 9 to demonstrate how this can be accomplished in Wisconsin.

The workshop is hosted by the Local Government Institute of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence. For additional details and registration information, contact the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence at 608-663-5300 or visit http://www.wisquality.org.

Miller will facilitate a two-part Extreme Government Makeover Workshop: the morning session features a lecture and Q & A brainstorming session. The afternoon session includes a facilitated workshop with Miller and his Public Great blog co-host, Bill Bott. Participants can register for the morning session only or the day long workshop.

“The problem with government is one of capacity, not capability. The future of government is not to squeeze more work out of our people, but rather to increase the capacity of our systems to that the capability of our great workers can occur unimpeded, “Miller notes.

Organizations are under incredible pressure. The economic crisis has hit local and state government with a double whammy: exponential increases in demand and dramatically reduced resources. These entities are routinely expected to “do more with less” and elected officials, government and school executives and agency management continue to search for ways to make government more effective and efficient, and to address tough issues such as:

* How can we best organize the resources of a community to fight poverty?

* How can we overcome the barriers that prevent most inner city kids from going to college?

* How can we bring the radical improvements of manufacturing to the 85% of the workforce that doesn’t make widgets?

Miller has worked in government to change the system for the better, as the Deputy Director of the Missouri Department of Revenue and Director of Performance Improvement for Missouri State Government. He is also the author The Change Agent’s Guide to Radical Improvement. He is a frequent columnist for GOVERNING magazine and co-founder of Public Great on governing.com .

Event sponsors include WEA Trust and Wipfli LLP.