Hovde Campaign: Debuts radio ad detailing seriousness of debt crisis

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Hovde Campaign: Debuts radio ad detailing seriousness of debt crisis

Madison—The Hovde for Senate campaign debuted its seventh radio ad Tuesday, titled “Consequences.”

“Consequences” lays out for the American people the true severity of our debt crisis.

If we fail to act now, the ad warns, everything we value—from education to Social Security—will be damaged beyond repair.

Script: “Consequences”

Voice-over: And now, a Wisconsin wake-up call with conservative businessman Eric Hovde.

Eric Hovde: Hi folks, Eric Hovde here. Let’s talk about the alarming 15 trillion-dollar debt the career politicians have created.

Eric Hovde: What are the consequences of all this debt? On our current course, one of two things will happen.

Eric Hovde: Eitherwe will default on our debt which experts agree would cause skyrocketing unemployment and collapse the global economy into depression, or the Federal Reserve will just continue printing money, which will create massive inflation on all our basic needs that will squeeze every American and destroy our quality of life.

Eric Hovde: In either case, the things we value—education, Social Security, Medicare, and even having a job—will be damaged beyond repair.

Eric Hovde: In order to avoid a collapse of our economic system, we have to change course right now. It’s time to be honest with Americans, before it’s too late.

Eric Hovde: I’m Eric Hovde, and I approve this message. I’m not a career politician and I hope to earn your support.

Voice-over: Paid for by Hovde for Senate Committee.