Green Masters Program: Springs Windo Fashions achieves Green Professional award

Press Release


WI Sustainable Business Council

Tom Eggert
Executive Director

608 267-2761
Springs Window Fashions

Tom Rodgers

Executive Director- Marketing, Product Management, Engineering

Springs Window Fashions (SWF) manufactures innovative blinds, shades, and drapery hardware. Springs Window Fashions is a socially responsible company that embeds sustainability into the core values of its corporate culture as well as in the processes of its production. SWF has committed itself to action, which has earned the company the Green Professional status under the WI Sustainable Business Council’s Green Masters Program.

By design, the SWF window treatments are environmentally-friendly because they block solar energy heat gain and reduce UV damage inside the home. The majority of products are constructed with recycled materials including plastics, metals, and fabrics. SWF’s wooden blinds are sourced and produced domestically so that energy from transportation is minimized. “For our business, waste reduction and reuse has the largest impact. For example, in our Middleton, WI components facility we re-grind and use all scrap from injection molding and extrusion operations. These departments operate on a zero-waste basis,” says Tom Rodgers, the Executive Director of Marketing at Springs Window Fashions. 43 million pounds of industrial waste generated in their Middle facility have been recycled and diverted from landfills over the past 10 years.

At SWF, they believe that their focus on reducing waste and social responsibility helps to keep the company competitive and delivers value to their customers. “Springs Window Fashions’ innovative vision for waste reduction provides a unique example of sustainability in the consumer products industry. Their continuous examination of, and upgrading to environmentally conscious business practices will keep them ahead of their competition,” says Tom Eggert, Executive Director of the WI Sustainable Business Council.

The Green Professional designation is the second highest tier in the Green Masters Program established by the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council. Candidates are judged on a comprehensive range of sustainability issues from energy and natural resource use to education outreach and purchasing. 92 Wisconsin businesses have participated in the program where the top twenty percent achieve the highest “Green Master” designation. For more information, or a complete list of Green Masters Program participants, go to: