Green Cab of Madison: Destination: Innovation

CONTACT- Amanda Schmidt (608)255-1234
[email protected]
1621 Beld St. Madison, WI. 53715

Now on display at Dane County Regional Airport

Green Cab is partnering with the UW-Madison Computer Science Engineering Department under project WiRover headed by Professor Suman Banerjee and the WiNGS Research Team, to create the Cab of the Future.

With our innovative hybrid cabs utilizing iPads and custom built dispatch software, Professor Banerjee saw Green Cab as a progressive company and a perfect match as a trial for WiRover, available in our new 2012 Prius V.

Green Cab is presenting the Cab of the Future along with our partners:
Local Toyota dealership Smart Motors
Local graphic shop SignEdge
Saris, the world leader in bicycle racks

What makes this the Cab of the Future?

It is Toyota’s brand new 2012 Prius V.
iPad 2s running Green Cab’s custom built software, to provide consumer interaction, and to offer unique marketing opportunities.
WiRover delivers high speed internet access to moving vehicles, utilizing multiple wireless carriers to guarantee best internet connection.
LED Taxicab topper, running a low voltage, installed on the roof displaying any specific message you want.
Equipped with state of the art bicycle rack.

2012 Prius Vs offer superior gas mileage, averaging over 45mpg, thereby reducing Green Cab’s carbon footprint. In addition to our Direct Ride Express service, we allow customers the choice to take Shared Ride, also reducing our carbon footprint. The Prius V is complete with Star Safety System™ and Safety Connect®. We are using the latest technology, iPad 2s that have been installed in the front for the drivers to access our custom software, GreenLight.

WiRover equipment allows our riders to have free Wi-Fi access, whether it’s on their own mobile device or on iPad 2s that have been installed in the rear headrests. The iPads will run advertisements based on rider’s destination zip code and will allow consumer interaction. Our LED toppers are the newest in cab topper signs, able to illuminate any message you desire. Gemini provides in-vehicle cameras to offer security and peace of mind.

All of our taxicabs are equipped with state of the art bicycle racks by Saris, to encourage commuters to take the “going green” initiative. Our cabs are wrapped by local graphic shop Sign Edge, complete with reflective material.