Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce: Three greater Madison companies rank on list of top 10 innovations for 2012

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Chamber Calls List a Reinforcement that Madison has all the Elements of a Global Innovation Hub

MADISON – Two companies based in Greater Madison are ranked in the Top 10 Innovations 2012 from the magazine, The Scientist. Cellular Dynamics International (CDI) and Promega both made the list along with Life Technologies that has an office here.

“The Greater Madison region is a leader in the innovation of life-changing products, technologies, methods and ideas,” says Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce President Zach Brandon. “To this point, our community has been leading quietly. The time for quiet is over.”

Brandon calls the accolades a powerful example of the cutting-edge technology work being done throughout our region.

“CDI and Promega are companies that started with just an idea – a spark – that was fueled by local investors which then ignited market-leading technologies,” says Brandon. “More sparks ignite every day. The Madison Region has all of the elements of a world-class innovation hub.”

Brandon was named Chamber president Nov. 15, 2012. In his opening comments, he committed the Chamber would be energetic in telling the story of the Madison region domestically and internationally. Brandon challenged leaders to put it all on the line to close the gap between what our region is and what it can be as a true player on the global stage.


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