Gov. Walker: Wisconsin Homeland Security strategy established

Contact: Cullen Werwie, 608-267-7303

Gov. Walker: Wisconsin Homeland Security strategy established

Guidance provides a vision of preparedness and to improve recovery efforts following emergencies

Madison—Today, Governor Scott Walker approved the updated Wisconsin Homeland Security Strategy, which is a collaborative interagency effort to guide Wisconsin’s emergency response and recovery efforts to major disasters and emergencies.

“When a disaster hits the state needs to coordinate, collaborate, and communicate to keep the public safe,” said Gov. Walker. “The new strategy will guide us as we update emergency plans and ensure private business and citizens are involved with preparedness and planning efforts.”

The strategy focuses on 11 specified priorities that include improving information sharing and analysis, cyber preparedness, maintaining the continuity of government services in an emergency, and citizen/business participation. It also serves as a guide for allocation of state and federal resources and funding priorities.

“The strategy will allow Wisconsin to integrate its homeland security efforts, measure improvement, and prioritize investment justification,” said Wisconsin’s Homeland Security Advisory Major General Don Dunbar.

The Homeland Security Strategy was originally developed in 2009 and the current version will be used through 2015. The Wisconsin Homeland Security Council will still produce an annual report each fall to review past events and report on our progress.

The Wisconsin Homeland Security Strategy is available online at: