Gov. Walker: Signs bills to keep Wisconsin healthy and safe

March 29, 2012
For Immediate Release
Contact: Cullen Werwie, 608-267-7303

Madison—Today Governor Walker signed three bills aimed at keeping Wisconsin healthy and safe.

Governor Walker signed Assembly Bill (AB) 497 into law, legislation that will create a clear recreational agreement that contains uniform information throughout Wisconsin so that all parties understand their responsibilities and liabilities. Specifically the bill statutorily defines the liabilities of the school boards or governing body of a charter school for certain circumstances that could occur on charter school grounds.

“Today I am standing with the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, and others to make it easier for children to exercise,” said Governor Walker. “Having clearly defined liability laws benefits everyone. I would like to thank former State Senator Pam Galloway and State Representative Garey Bies for authoring this proposal.”

AB 291 was signed into law by Governor Walker, which improves traffic safety by prohibiting inexperienced drivers from using cellular telephones. Specifically this bill prohibits an individual driving a vehicle with an instructional permit or probationary license from using a cellular phone or wireless telephone, except to report an emergency.

“Learning to drive is a major responsibility, which is why I am signing this bill into law” said Governor Walker. “When I taught my two sons to drive, I taught the importance of focusing on the road and refraining from cell phone usage. I would like to thank State Senator Luther Olsen and State Representative Kathy Bernier for delivering this bill to my desk.”

Governor Walker also signed AB 224 into law, legislation that provides libraries and school boards greater flexibility to determining how to efficiently manage their resources.

“It is important to ensure that libraries are able to continue to raise private funds,”

said Governor Walker. “I would like to thank State Senator Dale Schultz and State Representative Dean Kaufert for authoring this bill.”