FatWallet: Forecasting April shopping trends

March Trends since 3/16/12: Taking advantage of Cash Back shopping (due in part to FatWallet’s annual March Mania Cash Back Sale – thru April 2, and an ever-growing smarter consumer) has been the hot ticket in segments like the just launched Automotive Deals and Tax Software Deals promotions, winter clearance, iPad 2 refurbs/price drops, 2011 electronics clearance and surprisingly deep retail discounts in apparel and shoes.

April Trends 2012 Forecast:

Spring Fashion: Early April is when consumers look to buy fashionable spring apparel and shoes (clearance happens later in the year). It’s the best time to find the new styles in the color and size preferred, so the demand/urgency is high, especially during Easter weekend. FatWallet will feature a Spring Fashion Deals promotion from March 30-April 9)

Home & Garden: Marketing for spring plants, fertilizer and spring cleaning tools (vacuum cleaners) and cleaning supplies will be elevated as consumers get the fever to get out and be active/productive again. Clearance on winter tools (shovels, snowblowers) will also be a good buy, promoted heavily to clear out 2011 models. FatWallet will feature a Home & Garden Deals promotion from April 10-April 23)

Mother’s Day:

End of April into May trends for flowers, kitchenware and gift certificates (fabric, restaurants and crafts). But…there will be a stronger focus (than in past years) on tech items as moms desire the conveniences of being more connected, more mobile and saving time for themselves and the kids. Expect items like newer laptops, tablets, smartphones and wireless devices and accessories to be popular gifts this year. FatWallet will feature a Mother’s Day Deals promotion and cash back increases from dozens of retail partners from April 24-May 21)

Other retail segments expected to perform well with FatWallet members in April is sewing/fabric, rain wear, hosiery, winter outer ware clearance, early bird summer travel packages, and pre-sales for summer events, graduation, and wedding registry (cookware, kitchenware, home & garden items).