Dept. of Administration: Tim Sullivan submits workforce development report

Today, Special Consultant for Business and Workforce Development Tim Sullivan submitted his workforce development report to Governor Scott Walker. The report, The Road Ahead: Restoring Wisconsin Workforce Development, is a comprehensive review of the background and current issues pertaining to workforce development in the state.

The report has a specific focus on the phenomena commonly referred to as the “skills gap.” Job creators from all across Wisconsin have identified a skills gap between the jobs they have available and the workers applying to fill them. Manufacturers, in particular, identify this skills gap as one of the top barriers to business growth.

In February, Sullivan volunteered his expertise to help identify barriers to business development and job growth in Wisconsin. His recommendations focus on workforce, employment environment, and policy issues. Sullivan serves as Chairman of the Council on Workforce Investment and as Chair of the College and Workforce Readiness Council.

Sullivan prepared his recommendations as part of a collaborative effort with the Public Policy Forum, a nonpartisan research group from southeastern Wisconsin. Sullivan also collaborated with Competitive Wisconsin, a nonpartisan coalition that engages business and education, in their parallel research on skills clusters and workforce development.

Sullivan recently served as President and CEO of Bucyrus International.

Click here to review the report online: