DATCP: State Fair Cream Puffs now Something Special from Wisconsin

Contact: Ashley Huibregtse, 608-224-5002, ashley.huibregtse@wisconsin.gov

Jim Dick, Communications Director, 608-224-5020, jim.dick@wi.gov

MADISON – The famous Original Cream Puffs® are only available for eleven days each year at the Wisconsin State Fair, and this year, they will be in even higher demand. At the 2012 Wisconsin State Fair August 2 – 12, these tasty treats will have the distinguished trademark of being Something Special from Wisconsin™ for the first time.

“Since the beginning of the Dairy Bakery at the Wisconsin State Fair in 1924, there has been a true commitment to showcasing Wisconsin agricultural products, and this dedication has strengthened over the years,” said Dave Schmidt, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Bakers Association. “When we were offered the opportunity to be Something Special from Wisconsin™, we jumped at the chance to use this trademark to signal what’s always been there; pride in high quality products from Wisconsin.”

Something Special from Wisconsin™ is a trademark logo guaranteeing at least 50% of a product’s ingredients, production or processing activities are from Wisconsin. Over 400 companies currently are members of Something Special from Wisconsin™. The Wisconsin Bakers Association became Something Special from Wisconsin™ members late last year.

“This is a great celebration of a joint effort between the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection and the Wisconsin Bakers Association to highlight the Original Cream Puff® for its uniqueness, high-quality and consistency,” said Lois Federman, DATCP’s Something Special from Wisconsin™ Program Director. “The Original Cream Puffs® are truly something special and the Something Special from Wisconsin™ trademark will be included on their boxed packaging in 2012.”

Approximately 365,000 Original Cream Puffs® are sold each year at the Wisconsin State Fair. The recognizable red and yellow Something Special from Wisconsin™ trademark will be printed on approximately 55,000 three-pack and six-pack boxes for this year’s State Fair.

More information on the Original Cream Puffs®, including ordering details, is online at http://www.originalcreampuffs.com. To learn more about Something Special from Wisconsin™, visit somethingspecialfromwisconsin.com .

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