Crave Brothers Farmstead Classic: Celebrating a decade of milestones and awards

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Crave Brothers Farmstead Classic: Celebrating a decade of milestones and awards

Waterloo, Wisconsin, August 22, 2012—During the past decade, Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics have been setting the standard for sustainably produced, award-winning artisan cheese. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics has released its new Petit Frère® with Truffles. This celebration cheese has made the tenth anniversary even more exciting by being awarded First Place in the Flavored Cheese Category at the 2012 American Cheese Society Judging and Competition held on August 3, 2012 in Raleigh, NC.

The first decade has been an eventful, growth-oriented one for Crave Brothers Cheese. Plans for the future include building on the tradition established in the past ten years. For the next generation, more family members are acquiring experience on the farm and in the cheese factory. Two sons and two nephews now work at the farm, and a niece by marriage is part of the cheese factory team.

While the Crave Brothers focus on the future, they invite cheese-lovers to take a peek at some of the highpoints and milestones they have celebrated along the way.

2001 Construction for Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese begins on the farm that was established in 1978.
2002 First Crave Brothers cheese is produced, and Crave Brothers participates in its first food show. It’s also the year Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics receive its first award—a Second Place in the American Cheese Society competition for Fresh Mozzarella, introduced in June. In August 2002, Mascarpone is introduced, followed by Oaxaca in September.

2003 Farmer’s Rope String Cheese is introduced in March; Les Frères® follows in June.

2005 Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese is sold nationwide, and Crave Brothers first expansion takes place. George Crave earns his cheesemaker license.

2006 Tasting Room opened.

2006 Petit Frère® is introduced in June.

2007 Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese is featured on NBC Nightly News.

2008 The Crave Brothers are named World Dairy Expo Dairymen of the Year.

2009 Crave Brothers Farmer’s Rope String Cheese is named Grand Champion Cheese at Dodge County Fair. The Crave Brothers also undertake their second expansion, and host Wisconsin Farm Technology Days in July at their farm and cheese factory.

2012 Crave Brothers introduce their new green logo in April. In June, Crave Brothers Cheese is named the Whole Foods Supplier of the Year.

Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics’ 80-plus awards have been important milestones in the company’s history, but here are a few of the key awards that have helped build its reputation of excellence.

1st Place – Les Frères, in the 2003 World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest in Madison, WI, Semi-Soft Cheese Category.

1st Place —Fresh Mozzarella wins in the 2005 U.S. Cheese Championship: Food Service Packaging Category.

1st Place – Petit Frère wins in the 2006 Wisconsin State Fair, West Allis, Wisconsin, Smear-Ripened Cheese Category.

1st Place –Mascarpone wins awards in the 2009 American Cheese Society, World Dairy Expo and Dodge County Fair competitions.

Gold Award– Petit Frère, 2008 World Cheese Awards, Dublin, Ireland.

Gold Award– Les Frères, 2008 World Cheese Awards, Dublin, Ireland.

Grand Champion– Farmer’s Rope String Cheese, 2009 Dodge County Fair.

1st Place– Marinated Mozzarella, 2009 Wisconsin State Fair, West Allis, Wisconsin.

1st Place– Les Frères, 2009 American Cheese Society, Austin, Texas: Farmstead Cheeses, Open Category for Cheese Aged Less Than 60 Days.

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