Crave Brothers: An exciting season of competition awards for Crave Brothers Farmstead classics cheese

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An exciting season of competition awards for Crave Brothers Farmstead classics cheese

Waterloo, Wisconsin, August 22, 2012—Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics have been honored with a half dozen new awards in several cheese competitions this summer.

At the Dodge County Fair in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics added two more First Place Awards, for Mascarpone and Farmer’s Rope String Cheese. Crave Brothers Mascarpone is luxurious, velvety cheese made with fresh sweet cream. Farmer’s Rope String Cheese is a handmade farm-fresh deli string cheese that forms strings when pulled apart. Marinated Mozzarella was awarded a Second Place prize. This versatile cheese is marinated in an olive oil/canola oil blend with a signature mixture of herbs and spices.

In addition, Roseanne Crave’s heifer, Crave Dusk Penny, was named Champion Holstein Heifer of the Dodge County 4-H Fair. Her other two calves were awarded blue ribbons.

At the 2012 American Cheese Society Judging and Competition, Crave Brothers Petit Frère® with Truffles has received the First Place award in the Flavored Cheese category, and Farmer’s Rope String Cheese took Third Place in the Mozzarella Types category. Petit Frère® with Truffles is a new specialty rind-washed cheese from Crave Brothers. Made in small batches and cave-aged, the classic flavor of truffles combines with the earthy flavors of Petit Frère®.

Meanwhile, at the 2012 Wisconsin State Fair Cheese and Butter Contest, Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics Farmer’s Rope String Cheese and Mascarpone won a Second Place Award.

All told, Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics have earned more than 80 awards in recent years. Mascarpone is the Crave Brothers most-recognized cheese, with 10 First Place awards and one Grand Champion Award to its credit, among its total of 25 awards. Farmer’s Rope String Cheese has earned 20 awards, and Fresh Mozzarella has been honored with 16 awards. Petit Frère® and Les Frères® each have earned 11 awards. In addition, Crave Brothers Oaxaca has earned an award.

Not only do the Crave Brothers produce an impressive family of award-winning artisan cheeses, they do it by using 100% green power and practicing water conservation and recycling. For serving suggestions, recipes and information about the sustainably produced Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics, visit the website at