Bellwether: Builds better relationships

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Bellwether: Builds better relationships

Bellwether Funding, LLC of Brookfield does it again, making the impossible possible for their Clients. A local, well established manufacturing facility faced struggles to refinance their building for $300,000.

Because of the stormy seas of the current economic environment, the Client was asked to leave the bank he had been working with for years. Due to cash flow issues with his company, this devastated his personal credit score and his bank became scared to do business with him, forcing him into a non-renewal.

Normally, this type of situation destroys most businesses, but because they were a Client of Bellwether Funding, the team of experts at Bellwether Funding was able to find a solution. Bellwether Funding, LLC was able to work with a local bank on behalf of the Client to get better loan terms, lower monthly payments and develop a stronger banking partnership.

Bellwether Funding, LLC has over 85 lenders to refinance commercial loans ranging from investment real estate to unique, special use, retail, office, and industrial properties. Bellwether Funding, LLC helps navigate companies that don’t qualify for bank financing, or have growth needs that exceed normal financing programs to welcomed solutions.

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