ActionCoach: Announces nine programs to meet CPE credit requirements

CONTACT: Susan Thomson

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Continuing education for CPAs and accountants meets CPE requirements and provides invaluable business training

Las Vegas, NV — ActionCOACH, the world’s top-ranked business coaching firm, recently announced that the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) has approved nine ActionCOACH programs that qualify for continuing education credits.

CPAs and accountants are required to complete a set number of hours of continuing education every year in order to meet industry licensing standards, and these ActionCOACH programs provide the curriculum and business materials that meet this obligation. The programs that now qualify include:

1. 6 STEPS – Six steps to build business and command a higher multiple when selling.

2. ProfitCLUB – Twice-monthly group session guided by business coach to strategize with other businesses.

3. GrowthCLUB– A one-day seminar that results in a 90-day strategic plan.

4. SalesRICH – Seminars about the science of the selling.

5. TeamRICH – Seminars focused on six keys to building a high-performance team.

6. ServiceRICH – Seminars to help identify and retain customers.

7. ActionCLUB – A seven-session workshop teaching overall business education.

8. BusinessRICH – An intensive two-day workshop on advanced business education.

9. ActionCOACH – One-on-one Coaching – Individualized and customized business coaching and training.

“These programs have been proving themselves invaluable to our business clients for years,” said Susan Thomson, owner of ActionCOACH Madison. “To be able to offer these programs in conjunction with CPE credits for CPAs and accountants is a natural fit. Not only will they have the opportunity to get the credit-hours they need, but they will build a solid foundation with top-notch business training.”

Upon completion of the newly approved programs, ActionCOACH is equipped to provide the required documentation and materials to meet CPE reporting. Accountants can contact ActionCOACH directly to learn more about workshop schedules and register for the sessions.

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