7Summits: Helps launch first of its kind supply chain community

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Supply Chain Insights partners with 7Summits to launch community

MILWAUKEE and NEW YORK (September 5, 2012) – Supply Chain Insights, a leading industry advisory firm specializing in supply chain research, today announces the launch of Supply Chain Insights Community in partnership with social business agency 7Summits. The first of its kind for the industry, the online community is the go-to location to network, hear peer reviews of technology and consulting services, understand benchmark data, share relevant research, communicate job postings and more. The community also features an Ask an Expert section to enable dialogue with industry leaders and a Supply Chain Wiki to ensure a common understanding of industry terms.

“Supply Chain Insights really took the time to evaluate what its audiences need. When it became apparent that the industry was in need of a new way to interact, Supply Chain Insights accepted the challenge of leveraging a new medium for collaboration,” said 7Summits CEO Paul Stillmank. “As a social business agency, we thrive on implementing new concepts, trends and models to impact organizational collaboration and effectiveness. The partnership with Supply Chain Insights allowed us to do just that.”

The global, virtual environment will be available to all supply chain professionals, allowing them to learn and grow. It will feature a private group for Chief Supply Chain Officers (CSCO) enabling supply chain leaders to network and share with each other.

In the community, participants will be rewarded with points every time they share knowledge. It includes the following capabilities:

* Ask an Expert: Post inquiries and get answers directly from supply chain leaders.
* Create or Join Discussion Rooms: Discuss the latest trends and find local groups.
* Understand Why Supply Chain Matters: Find the latest research and insights on five years of supply chain financial benchmark data.
* Improve Knowledge: Get in touch with supply chain best practices through wikis, supply chain financial data, blogs, videos and podcasts.
* Make Intelligent Investments: Check in at the community first to see ratings and reviews of technology packages and consulting partners.
* Evolve Career: Hear the straight scoop on industry related educational events and reviews by supply chain peers.
* Find Supply Chain Jobs and Talent: View and post job opportunities and view salary targets from around the world.

The community’s capabilities focus on enrichment, engagement, education and evolution. In order to enrich the industry, members benefit from industry buzz and interaction. They are able to engage other members for reviews and educate themselves with industry expert questions and blogs. Lastly, the community allows members to evolve through event postings and conversations.

“In the building of our new B2B social community for supply chain, finding 7Summits was a breath of fresh air. Connecting with a good partner took longer than I wanted, but the wait was worth it as 7Summits proved to be a great collaborator,” said Lora Cecere, CEO of Supply Chain Insights. “I am proud to see the community launch, on time and in budget, to 4,000 global supply chain leaders today. This would not have happened without a good partnership.”

To register for the Supply Chain Insights Community, please visit http://www.supplychaininsightscommunity.com/welcome.

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7Summits, http://www.7SummitsAgency.com, is a Social Business Agency founded in 2009 to help clients engage customers, partners and employees to help grow their business. 7Summits’ solutions deliver results by improving both social relevancy and community enablement. The firm refers to this approach as Applied Social Media, and has helped many Fortune 1000 brands to become more socially connected organizations. 7Summits offers deep expertise in social business strategy, community experience design, platform development, and community activation.