WisDOT: Twitter updates on traffic incidents now available statewide

For more information, contact:

Chris Quesnell, Statewide Traffic Operations Center

(414) 225-3727, [email protected]

Wisconsin DOT’s 511 Traveler Information system provides automatic tweets

Wisconsin motorists can now receive a tweet regarding traffic incidents to help them plan their drive, just as the spring construction season is beginning.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s 511 Traveler Information System began tweeting incident reports that were previously only available to law enforcement agencies, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), and the media. Those who sign-up for traffic tweets can be alerted to traffic incidents before beginning their drive.

The near-real-time traffic incident information is tweeted by an operator at WisDOT’s Statewide Traffic Operations Center (STOC) as soon as possible after he or she is alerted to the event, allowing motorists to avoid congestion and possible delays. Those who sign-up to follow the traffic tweets can choose a specific region in the state to follow so that most of the tweets relate to the main areas they travel.

This valuable service from WisDOT is derived from its Traffic Incident Alert System, currently operated and maintained by the STOC and the State Patrol. Current followers of WisDOT’s Twitter feeds are already retweeting to hundreds of others.

Currently, the only information tweeted are traffic incident alerts. As the system matures, it’s anticipated that other information could be shared. Nevertheless, WisDOT stresses that checking tweets of any kind should only be done when not operating a motor vehicle.

To sign up for traffic tweets, go to http://www.511wi.gov, and click on the Twitter – 511 Traffic Incident Information Quick Link. Once there, the choice can be made as to which region(s) an individual wants to follow.