WisDOT: Governor announces $125.3 million for rural and urban local road improvements

For more information, contact:

John Duffe, WisDOT Bureau of Transit and Local Roads

(608) 264-8723, john.duffe@dot.wi.gov

Governor Jim Doyle has announced $125.3 million to improve rural and urban local highways and roads throughout Wisconsin.

The federal Surface Transportation Program-Rural (STP-R) will fund 86 projects along local highways across the state with $50.4 million in federal funds administered by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. STP-R funds are used to complete improvements to rural roadways – primarily county highways throughout Wisconsin’s approximately 100,000-mile local highway system. In Wisconsin, county officials set priorities for STP-R projects.

The federal Surface Transportation Program Urban (STP-U) funds will be allocated to municipalities to complete improvements to federal-aid-eligible roads and streets in urban areas ranging in size from 5,000 population to the Milwaukee urbanized area. The funds administered through the program are used to improve urban roadways that carry more than local traffic. Funds can also be used for transit, ridesharing and bicycle/pedestrian projects. Thirteen projects in urban areas under 50,000 population will receive $3.1 million in funds. The balance of the $74.9 million in federal STP-U funds will be distributed to urbanized areas over 50,000 population where project funding approvals are made at the local level.

“Investing in infrastructure ensures we have safe roads for our travelers, and helps businesses get their products where they’re needed,” Governor Doyle said. “Improving roads is one way we can strengthen communities, grow our businesses, and create jobs for our citizens.”

Applications were submitted in calendar year 2010 for funding in 2011-2014. While construction timetables for the projects vary, most of the work is expected to be completed over the next three to six years. STP-Urban projects are generally funded 80 percent federal and 20 percent local.

A list of projects being funded through the STP-R program can be viewed on the WisDOT Web site, as well as a list for the STP-U program.