Wisconsin Wireless Association: Letter to Congress: Support wireless network development

Contact: Jeff Roznowski [email protected] 414-258-0633

November 14, 2011

Strategic deployment critical to meeting America’s growing demand for wireless connectivity

WAUWATOSA, WI — The Wisconsin Wireless Association sent a letter to Congress last week highlighting the importance of robust wireless network infrastructure in ensuring access to next-generation wireless services for all Americans. Wisconsin Wireless Association President Jeff Roznowski and 21 similar organizations signed the letter, which was sent to members of the joint House and Senate committee currently working on deficit reduction legislation. The committee is expected to address spectrum policy as part of the overall deficit reduction package.

In the letter, the Wisconsin Wireless Association underscored the need for strategic network deployment to meet America’s growing demand for wireless broadband connectivity, noting that millions of Americans rely daily on wireless services for productivity, education, public safety, entertainment and other needs. The group also pointed to the many economic benefits associated with enhanced network deployment—including job creation—which are critical to ensuring America’s position as a global competitive leader.

Consistent with the Public Safety Spectrum and Wireless Innovation Act (S.911) already introduced in the Senate, the Wisconsin Wireless Association urged Congress to streamline the redundant zoning re-review that wireless network providers must endure just to attach additional equipment onto existing infrastructure—which has already passed an extensive local zoning and permitting process. This will enable wireless providers to expand their networks and services to meet increasing demands for wireless connectivity, ensuring all Americans may fully enjoy the many benefits of next generation mobile services.

The Wisconsin Wireless Association is a non profit professional association dedicated to being the voice of the wireless industry in the Badger State. WiWA has over 200 members, representing the creative talent and energy of wireless carriers, infrastructure providers and other companies that make wireless services possible. We work to raise positive awareness in our communities of the indispensible role wireless network infrastructure plays in ensuring all Americans have access to next-generation wireless services, including mobile broadband.