Wisconsin Independent Network: Launches new online game server business

Contact: Scott Hoffmann, CEO


[email protected]

Eau Claire, WI – Wisconsin Independent Network, LLC (WIN), a major fiber optic network, Internet, and data center provider in the Upper Midwest, announces the launch of WASD Game Servers, an online PC game server service supporting many popular multiplayer games.

“You don’t have to look very far to figure out that video gaming is a growing industry, based on the popularity of and increased advertising for newer, more complex and amazingly realistic games,” states WIN CEO Scott Hoffmann. “We don’t sell the games to the consumers; what we provide are the servers that support customizable playing fields or arenas that multiple online gamers and gaming clans use for practice, fun, and competition.”

The WASD Game Servers infrastructure resides within WIN’s Eau Claire data center. Over 10 Gigabits per second of Internet connectivity to various North American core Internet sites helps ensure low latency and high resiliency of players’ network performance back to the servers.

Hoffmann explains, “This idea originated with one of our network management center employees, who is himself an avid online gamer. We looked at our existing services, resources and industry trends, and decided this was a good fit for diversifying our revenue while providing a great Internet gaming experience for players.”

More information on current and upcoming game server offerings, along with an interactive ping tester and pricing plans, is available at http://www.wasdgameservers.com

About WIN: WIN operates a 3,000 plus mile fiber optic network in Wisconsin and adjoining states, along with a data center at its Eau Claire, WI headquarters. Formed in 1997, WIN is owned by 31 independent telephone companies based in Wisconsin. Website: http://www.wins.net

NOTE: The name “WASD” is based on the four PC keyboard keys players typically use for character movement in online games: W=forward, A=left, S=back and D=right.