Wisconsin Farm Bureau: Statement on enterprise agency pilot


Paul Zimmerman, Executive Director of Governmental Relations, 608.828.5708

MADISON – Paul Zimmerman, Executive Director of Governmental Relations for the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation issued the following statement regarding the creation of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Enterprise Agency Pilot.

“As the owners of over 15 million acres of Wisconsin’s landscape, farmers care about protecting the environment. The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation applauds efforts to make state government more responsive to the people it serves. Therefore we are very supportive of efforts to streamline the permitting process and reduce cost while continuing Wisconsin’s history of environmental protection. Improving customer satisfaction is a worthy goal of any government agency.

A new initiative like the Enterprise Agency Pilot is an important tool to help grow Wisconsin’s economy. From agriculture’s perspective, whether it’s permits for livestock operations, ground water withdrawals or water quality certification, having the ability to issue these permits in an efficient and timely manner helps farmers modernization their farms and create jobs. An improved permitting process for our state’s food processors and agribusinesses will also contribute to Wisconsin’s $60 billion agricultural economy.

Finally, last year’s successful negotiations between the DNR and various stakeholders on the NR 151 nonpoint source water rules was an example of the type of collaboration that needs to be replicated in state government. It was proof that environmental protection need not be viewed as an opposing concept to increased efficiency and customer service from our state government.”