Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation: Volunteers for Agriculture endorse David Prosser for Supreme Court

Contact: Paul Zimmerman, Executive Director of Governmental Affairs


MADISON – The Volunteers for Agriculture Committee is endorsing Justice David Prosser for reelection in the April 5 election to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

“During his time in the State Assembly and over the past 12 years as a Supreme Court Justice, David Prosser has displayed a strong track record on key farm issues and property rights,” said Bill Bruins, President of the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation.

“During his legislative career as the Assembly Speaker, David Prosser oversaw the strengthening of Wisconsin’s Right to Farm Law and the passage of the use value assessment of farmland legislation. These two pieces of legislation remain critical to the success of Wisconsin agriculture,” Bruins said.

“In this time of political and economic upheaval it is vital that rural Wisconsin voters reelect Justice David Prosser to the Wisconsin Supreme Court,” Bruins added.

Comprised of 18 farmers from across the state, the Volunteers for Agriculture Committee is the political action arm of the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation. The Volunteers for Agriculture was formed to give farmers a more direct role in electing leaders who best represent agriculture’s interests.