Wisconsin Energy Business Association: Wisconsin businesses oppose job-killing, cost-raising, RPS-gutting bill

Contact: Shaina Kilcoyne

608.310.3338 / kilcoyne@cwpb.com

A group of over 60 Wisconsin energy businesses and organizations distributed a memorandum to legislators today in opposition to AB-146, a bill that would eliminate manufacturing and construction jobs in our state, raise energy costs, and gut our state Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), thereby stifling economic development in the renewable energy industry in our state.

“In order for a business to thrive in our state, especially one on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, it needs a regulatory system that supports it and encourages growth,” said Jeff Ehlers, President of Renewegy LLC, a small wind manufacturer in Oshkosh, WI. “Unfortunately, by eliminating the expiration of renewable energy credits, AB 146 provides a disincentive to growth in the renewable energy industry.”

This bill would virtually eliminate the renewable energy industry in Wisconsin, pushing jobs, investment, and economic development to neighboring states with more favorable renewable energy policies. The bill could even create jobs in foreign countries, thereby stealing jobs from Wisconsin workers and outsourcing yet another industry from our state.

“This bill would make Wisconsin an outlier in energy policy, thus decreasing our ability to compete with neighboring states,” stated Shaina Kilcoyne of Wisconsin Energy Business Association.

Clearly, this bill is a drastic step in the wrong direction for our state. The Wisconsin Energy Business Association therefore opposes this attack on renewable energy in our state.

The memorandum is attached.