Wisconsin Bio Industry Alliance: EPA defers rules on biogenic emissions

Contact: Joshua Morby 414.791.9120

Move benefits ethanol, bio power facilities in Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – The Wisconsin Bio Industry Alliance (WBIA) on Thursday applauded the US Environmental Protection Agency for deferring the greenhouse gas permitting requirements for biogenic emissions – emissions created by the combustion or decomposition of biomass.

The EPA will conduct further analysis over the next three years to determine the appropriate regulations for biogenic emissions.

“This announcement is great news for the biofuel and bio power industries in Wisconsin,” said Joshua Morby, Executive Director of the WBIA. “Over the past 8 months, the EPA has punished biofuel and bio power producers by unfairly exaggerating the greenhouse gas emissions from bio-based sources. This deferment rights that wrong, and allows the agency to conduct further study before implementing new policies.”

Regulatory authorities have long considered biogenic emissions carbon neutral, because the emissions released during the combustion or fermentation process (as in ethanol production) are offset by the CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere during photosynthesis of the biomass.

“The science backs up the fact that biofuels and bio power are significantly better for our environment than their fossil fuel equivalents, and we’re pleased to see the EPA rethink their regulatory position on this issue,” Morby said.

The Wisconsin Bio Industry Alliance is a diverse group of businesses, environmental groups, and statewide and local organizations that have come together to build both public and legislative awareness of the Bio Industry in Wisconsin.

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