WisBusiness: Gov. Walker’s special session on jobs includes 26 bills

Gov. Scott Walker has included 26 pieces of legislation in his call for a second special session on jobs, including new timelines for permits issued by the DNR and allowing the PSC to approve temporary electric rates to promote development.

The DNR reforms also include grandfathering all existing piers on Wisconsin waterways and setting a new 200 square foot limit for platforms going forward and allowing Web-based public notice system for environmental permits.

The package does not include bills on venture capital or mining.

Other legislation includes new limits for attorneys fees in civil actions, setting a flat fee of $500 to apply for the film production services credit and immunity from liability for drug and device manufacturers and sellers under certain circumstances.

The package also includes new tax credits for angel investment and for employer provided fringe benefits for mass transit. It also includes several Dem bills.

See the list of bills: http://www.wisbusiness.com/1008/large/110928specialsession.pdf