Wired Wisconsin: Statement on signing of Wisconsin Telecom Modernization Act

Contact: Thad Nation, 414.412.7814

MILWAUKEE — Governor Scott Walker on Tuesday signed into law Special Session Senate Bill 13, the Wisconsin Telecom Modernization Act. Thad Nation, executive director of Wired Wisconsin, issued this statement in response to the news:

“This is an exciting day for the state of Wisconsin, as the Legislature and Governor Walker have taken the steps necessary to update the decades-old telecommunications rules that have stifled investment and prevented the roll-out of infrastructure for newer, in-demand services, including broadband and wireless.

“By modernizing our telecom statutes, we will ultimately be able to better compete with other Midwestern states for new jobs and new investment. Wisconsin will also be in a position to create or retain more than 50,000 jobs across all sectors of the economy.

“I would like to thank Governor Walker, Senator Rich Zipperer, Representative Mark Honadel, and all of the legislation’s cosponsors for their hard work in bringing this bill to fruition, and I look forward to watching the benefits of telecom modernization unfold over the next few years.”